Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kustom Kulture

You've seen the hair...now for the actual party! So we got a bit confused and thought there was going to be a pin up parade...that was happening on the Sunday! What we did get was....fun rockabilly bands...
People rock and roll dancing...oh man I wish I could move like that! It was so fun to watch...and it was clear they were having a good time too! 
 There were people getting tattooed! This was very cool to watch...but I wouldn't have liked to have been that lady! I would have felt too self conscious! 
It was good to spend some time with my sisters and mumma. We also got to see some really cool art, another really fun band, and there were a few store holders around the room with lots of pretty bags, clothes, cds, other such fun...mum even bought a cute pair of shoes.
I had a good time!

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