Sunday, March 27, 2011

she did make it look easy!

So I gave it a go ladies...and it actually worked! I had to have a few practices before the real deal...and go back and watch the bit about the fringe/ bangs like 5 times...and my hair is a good double the length of the girls in the it was a bit difficult to begin with... 
but it worked! 
 a nice side view..
I took the back part down when I got home but kept the top bit in and wore it to church this morning...partly because I didn't have time to get up and wash my hair and partly cause it still looked OK! (the photo is pretty cruddy though!)We went to the shops and 2 ladies in the jewellery shop commented how much they liked it! :)
Verdict: definite winner...can't wait til my next rockabilly/rock and roll/ 50's night so I can fix my hair like this again! 


  1. Well done! What a great job. It's nice when you can wear a hairstyle the next day... you spend so much time on it it seems such a waste to have to pull it out!

  2. I love it! All the retro hairstyles look like so much fun to me!

  3. suits you Loz! Love it

    Sez xx

  4. Now I need NOT CURLY HAIR more than ever before. Damned curly hair...

  5. great work! It really does suit you. now for a post about the actual event!


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