Saturday, March 19, 2011

Where to start?...the negative nancy part

Things don't always work out the way you plan. I'd planned to do a bunch of posts the last week or so to get up to 400 post and do a give away...I've lost steam and it'll probably be another few weeks before it happens...
I've had lots of days "off campus" at different PD days, Year 9 challenge days, days off just because (birthday and interstate friends...more on that later!), public holidays, sports day! And because of all the days "away" the task orientated part of my job seems to be far behind. We had our school fair last night where I coordinated 2 stalls with a bunch of students and an awesome teacher. One was on a chocolate fountain stall. There was chocolate left over which I am very likely to eat after I finish this... but during the day I locked my keys in the car, got stressed and just wanted to shake a few teenagers awake.

We didn't do any washing for about 2 weeks and so I almost ran out of undies...almost. And now today 5 loads will have to be done. Tim started at a different church for his study which will probably affect me more as the year goes on but it is what it is.

I'm in a real funk today...I'm tired and over crabby...maybe it's the clipsal that's doing it to me....
I'll be back later to share the positive polly side...and birthday fun....I did have a birthday this week and it was a truly wonderful day!
and maybe it's just I'm over being so crazy busy...


  1. Well, I shall read on your Positive Polly and hope that you are feeling better soon! Happy birthday for the other day... I have written in a card for you... I wrote in it, with plenty of time to send it so it would arrive in time for your actual birthday. Only problem? It's sitting with a bunch of other cards to be sent as I haven't gotten around to going to the post box... SORRY!


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