Saturday, February 12, 2011

holiday book take three

 Snow people, snow dogs/ sheep and snow fights
 statues of the little baby Jesus...and secrets from Prague
 Christmas day and dinner with an old friend and her sister
 Ich Liebe Berlin
I have been having lots of fun finishing this off. It's been great to do it while the trip is still fresh and a great way to reflect on what fun we had! I have a couple of pages to finish up and then I am done! I'll have to start a new mini book! I've caught the bug...the mini book bug! :)
Happy Weekend xx


  1. looking good! and i love the little guys in the post below!
    question. are you going on habitat this year? my little brother is!

  2. great book! I'm glad that I found your side -
    Stop by my blog any time


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