Saturday, March 19, 2011

and now for positive polly! and gratefuls

I'm a pretty positive person and so I really need to counteract that negativity...STRAIGHT AWAY!! :)
last weekend these lovely people had a wedding in Adelaide...which means they got to stay with us and play! oh it was wonderful!
 Tim found a new chocolate shop that opened JUST DOWN THE STREET FROM US!!! oh my I visited it with the lovely Sez...and then again this morning with Tim...they guy must have remembered me...he gave me a discount!
 I laughed so hard I started wheezing...
 big beach balls for people to go inside and then play on top of water = lots of laughs! 
we went on a picnic on monday to enjoy the long weekend and some family fun.
We had dinner with a couple of lovely people that we haven't hung out with much as a couple but who Tim knew from his home church in Brisbane. They have a really cute little boy, who melted our hearts with his smile! We enjoyed a wonderful night and we'll be doing it again soon I hope!

When I am feeling bummed, cranky whatever it doesn't take me long to think of all the blessings I have and all the things to be grateful! For more mood lifters head over to Maxabella loves


  1. Yay for good times! Those beach balls looked like heaps of fun! Miss you and our series/movie watching and chats... and our wonderful friendship that flourished last year! xxx

  2. A chocolate shop in Adelaide? Where? I'm going to visit next time I'm visiting the fam! Those beach balls looked like fabulous fun. And they were at...? Gosh, I'm so nosey. And because you look like you have oodles of fun at your blog, I'm now stalking you. xx

  3. A chocolate shop down the street! Now that is something I would be very grateful for, but my waistline may not feel the same way.

  4. I've never seen that beach ball thing before - awesome fun!!

    Have yourselves a fab weekend. x

  5. Look like you really know how to have a good time!! Following along to see what else you get up to ms lozalicous :)

  6. Okay I really want to try out those balls...would be a great thing to do with my kiddies.

    You would not be able to keep me away from a chocolate's my one weakness!!

    Glad to have found you too :)

  7. oh what fun those balls look like, i want to have a go... and there's nothing better than a chocolate shop & good friends. Thanks for your lovely comment xox

  8. You know how to have & find fun girl, love it!! Love Posie

  9. that ball thing looks amazing!!

    I definitely need some wheezing laughing pretty soon.

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful time.
    Those beach balls look hilarious.
    and now I'm craving something sweet.

  11. I love your photographs. The beach balls look like a lot of fun. i am so glad I don't live near to a chocolate shop. It is spring here and I guess you are coming into autumn

  12. Hiya, Visiting from Reasons to be Cheerful.

    THose balls look very intense. My boy did one last year and I love it. I would not be brave enough!

    Mich x


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