Monday, January 31, 2011

holiday book take one

 before we left on our trip I bought this little book from this lovely lady...I've spoken about her blog here before...but head here if you'd like to see it again!
 So I think the idea was to fill it in during December...but it was a little tricky for me to do that!
 so yesterday while I watched a marathon of dance acadamy I started to put a few pages together, photos of out trip, tickets from things we went to
It was a fun project to start and to be able to stay inside in the air conditioning while it was 42 degrees... celsius outside! AND perhaps I might have a repeat today because that is what it is forecast again today!
and if you want to see the photos bigger...just click on them!


  1. I just popped over from Elise's blog.
    I love her mini books.
    I took her BIG mini course.
    I have yet to make a mini book of my own.
    But, I have started gathring supplies.
    I play on tackling one soon.
    It's definately something that may help me through cold days too.

    -Tamara ( )

  2. See, that is an entirely reasonable thing to be doing in heat like that. And it'll be fabulous to have forever. I, on the other hand, always seem to knit in 42 degrees celsius.

  3. A- This book is Fabulous!!

    B - You are so good to get onto it straight away and

    C - I watched all of the Dance Academy episodes in our air con too!!


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