Friday, March 04, 2011


 I'm grateful that it is's been a busy week
 I am grateful for stunning surprises in the post! I won a give away back in October (through blogtoberfest) from this lovely lady blogger...and it showed up in the post today! All the way from France...just in time for autumn!
I'm grateful for saturdays, sleep ins and soundwaves
get a bit of grateful into you and head over to Maxabella loves...
xx have a lovely weekend xx


  1. Oh that is stunning work, colour too, just in time as the temperature starts to drop.
    So much on about Adelaide right now, enjoy your amazing events. Love Posie

  2. saturdays, sleep ins and soundwaves, mmmm, i'm grateful for all these things too

    what a great suprise to receive - blogging is just full of suprises, isn't it?!

    Gill xo

  3. wow! so gorgeous! I was hoping you or Jek made it so I could pay you to make me one too!


  4. Oh that is lovely! Lucky you!

  5. What a beautiful scarf - lucky duck! It's amazing with all the lovely giveaways and special stuff to purchase in blogland. Makes me happy. x

  6. The detail in that is just gorgeous. I always look forward to my etsy orders but a win must be even better. Hope you have a lovely weekend as well x

  7. Oooh, I love your scarf! Isn't it so wonderful when you win something. I won my first anything last week. Still miffed! xx


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