Sunday, November 28, 2010

we're in london!

ok so here we are on the plane about to embark on our journey! We were about to sit on a plane for 14 hours and then another 7 hours from Dubai to London...This is before we took off, excited, full of anticipation...tired! But ready to go on our adventure!
fast forward about 36 hours and here we are in the cutest cafe ever, where if you order a hot chocolate it comes in a mini soup bowl!! With Clare...she probably wont like this photo but it is SOOOO good to see her and Simon. I haven't seen Clare since our wedding last year and it is wonderful to see where she lives!
The coolest craft thing that has happened since we got here was the Belle and Boo exhibition the afore mentioned cafe Mandy is showing her work til January 16th! It's lovely and I can't believe we got to be here for it! You should check out her blog her illustrations are lovely! Why were we going to that? Cause Clare works for her now!
 We also went into the city by ourselves on Friday. We caught the bus then the train...well I caught the train and Tim was left on the platform! EEKKK...I saw reason and got off at the next stop and Tim was along on the next train in a couple of minutes..the public transport system here is GREAT!! While we were in the city...WHICH IS HUGE!!! We climbed up the monument and could see a 360 degree view of the city, which was a amazing, this place just goes on for ever!, we walked over tower bridge, went to borough markets...which are these really great food markets.
went to St Paul's cathedral. So this was breathtaking inside...we were there for over 2 hours checking it out...It blows my mind it's been there for 100's of years and the details, the mosaics and sheer size of it is incredible!
this is crouch end where Clare and Simon live!
Yesterday we also found ourselves at Camden markets, in a pub when the soccer was on...which was quite an experience! :) and down to piccadilly circus, Leister square, Trafalgar square and Regent street...WHICH WAS PACKED!!! seriously there are so many people's like a music festival...constantly!And delicious Indian for dinner!
We are having an excellent time and just feel so blessed to be able to to this!
oh and one more thing...IT"S REALLY FREAKING COLD!!!


  1. Glad to see that you have arrived safely. Had to laugh when you mentioned you got on the train, but Tim was left on the platform... how did that happen?! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time already. Stay safe and I look forward to more updates!

    PS Thanks for your beautiful (& wet!) cards. We were both very touched. xxxx

  2. How exciting Loz! That cafe looks amazing. hot chocolate in bowls...! Thanks for updating. I'm so jealous but very excited for you bot as you begin your adventure. Keep soaking it up! xxx

  3. I must say...I had the same feelings as Rach...A tad tid bit of jealousy...but I am so happy for you at the same time that you guys are having such a great adventure!!!! Something that you will always remember and share with each other for a life time...and what a beautiful thing to have a memory of!

    All our love and *loving* the updates...keep the photos rolling in...oh and tell clare I think she looks cute in that photo! The perfect hot chocolate face! Sounds like you went travelling at the perfect time of year for hot chocolates Lauren! xoxo


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