Thursday, November 18, 2010

busy as a little bee...

Oh goodness! the days are going by so quick as are the nights! We leave on our trip in less than a week! Which is VERY exciting! 
We have picked up our travel card with the money loaded! 
Pounds for when we arrive in London!
I've been busily crossing off things on my to do list...for our trip..AND at work, I have my last day at school tomorrow and Sunday morning at church then done!
I'm finishing up the custom order for a pretty bride to be...
Tonight is the Year 12 Valedictory so off to that in a little while...
Sourcing Birthday presents for younger sisters who are turning 18 next week....and off to schoolies this weekend, which has made my dad VERY nervous!
And through all this I have really missed blogging and checking out my regular blogs...BUT they will still be there when I do have the time to read them which is good!
...well enough procrastinating I better get ready for this ceremony!! 

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  1. It will all get done! I hope you find a few internet cafes to update us on your travels. x

    Give my love and congratulations to the girls too. xx


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