Sunday, November 07, 2010

so what have you been doing the past 14 years?

Quite some time ago I bumped into a girl I went to Primary school. We were quite good friends in primary school but because of moving away it's easy to loose contact! And you know often if you see someone you haven't seen in years you say oh we must catch up...and then never do...well because of the wonders of facebook, we were able to reconnect and we caught up earlier this year. While we were chatting we wondered if anyone else might like to catch up, so we put it out on facebook to the people we were "facebook friends" with and got a fairly decent response! So today was the day of the reunion!
We decided we would meet in the park just out the back of the school, because that's where we used to play at recess and lunch. And one of the girls from our class still has connections with the school and church so was able to hook us up with a tour of the school!
It has changed so much! It was a complete spin out! The principals office and main reception area is where the year 5 and  classrooms used to be. There is a brand new library, the hall has been redone. Lockers have moved, the canteen has moved and of course there are a lot more computers than what there was back in 1996! The Art room and Staff room had pretty much swapped places! A lot of work has been done!
 I wondered if it was going to be awkward, but Megan picked me up and at least we arrived together and because we have met up a few times we feel comfortable hanging out! It was great to hear how everyone is doing, about 11 people came along. Some are married, a couple have kids, some are engaged, some have bought houses, some have gone back to study, some never studied and went straight to full time work. Some have traveled and some plan to. And a lot of people asked after Tim...crazy thing is he went to this primary school too! Only he left at the end of year 4 and I started there at the beginning of year 5!
It was a great day and many people said what a great idea and we should do it again. Whether we do who knows! But at least we did it once and it was fun!...I had to take this last photo! The new library is very new and has very funky carpet and colours...and these very cool I guess you could call them work at! Very cute!

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