Wednesday, November 03, 2010

it's the final countdown

3 weeks today til we leave on our trip! YIKES!!
We have booked our Eurostar train from London to France
Picked up our Eurorail tickets! that was very exciting!! ( and made bookings for travel from some of the places!)
Fought about not giving the correct email for the Eurostar confirmation
almost booked accommodation for a magical time in disneyland
spoken to Clare on skype! our own London local!
Things are/were looking good...except I feel shitty because I made a mistake and I'm being made to feel plenty guilty about it.
On a nicer note...I can not WAIT to finish work and get away, it's exactly what the doctor is ordering!


  1. Oh how exciting you will have a lovely time...make sure you have warm clothes though!

  2. Once you will be on your trip you guys will have the most awesomeness time ever and you won't care about all these hiccups along the way...they are just natural to happen because it is so stressful to plan. Love lots and lots xx


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