Friday, November 12, 2010

the week that was

It would be safe to say this week has been a little hectic. It started with a lovely day off, a walk into to the city to look for some trip essentials and other things, gym, other errands at home and hanging out with a friend and her cute kid!
a celebration breakfast (at this awesome place) with some fantastic year 11 students, celebrating the coming to the end of their VET course...WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!!
the pancakes were amazing...but I could not finish them! as hard as I tried!
Wednesday saw the 2 week mark til our trip!and a celebration dinner with my work mates from church... Tim was pretty pleased with himself with his order! 
it was a huge kebab thing very tasty!
a custom order for a pretty bride to be! 
Remembrance day, I found out one of the staff at school plays the bagpipes. Very impressive!
and this was waiting when I got home from the lovely Rosie...for my secret santa gift...for someone I thought was my secret santa and now some how is not! (one of my younger sisters wanted to swap and I thought we had actually swapped back! No matter!)
And tonight, I have the night off, so chilling with a friend and then tomorrow a strategic planning day..which I have to be honest...not too excited goes all day too...gah...anyway!
Happy Weekend to you, may it be a good one!


  1. Hi lauren, will you please contact me to tell me your choice and to give me your address. I don't want to wait any longer, so if you did not contact me before saturday morning 9 o'clock, europeen time i'll choose another winner.....

  2. Hi Will you please give me your address today so i can send you your prize. Will you contact me via my blog , i don't receive your mails.

  3. Love that wrapping on that secreat santa gift. Gorgeous.


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