Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wedding dress tour

My friend Rachel alerted my attention to this just now on her blog, so I thought I would play too...In the wedding dress blog tour...hosted by Shashers Life. It sounded like fun and once I found my wedding dress I adored it! A friend who got engaged just before me had made an appointment to go and try some dresses on and so I went and watched for some inspiration...It was AWFUL!!! I was so sad and overwhelmed after that I thought I would never find a dress that suited me! Or that I liked...But then I saw this dress in a magazine...
This lady is an actress from an Australian Show and she was featured in Cosmopolitan Bride in Spring/Summer 2008. My sister in law had bought me this magazine and I had flipped through it but on better inspection found this and thought...that's it...the photo above doesn't show that it is a short gown but that was something that really drew me too it, and the old vintage feel with the lace. So after more dress shopping and trying on stupid dresses that I felt like a twit in...I kept coming back to this dress so made an appointment with a dressmaker who my mum knew and went from there!
This was the final product! We found beautiful lace...which I didn't really like the first time I saw it BUT in the end it was perfect! It was wonderful that it had sleeves because we got married in winter (last year...almost a year! yey!)
Faye (the dressmaker) was amazing and she did a wonderful job right down to all those buttons down the back...a little slow to get out of but we managed in the end! ;)
I still have it...not that it's been 20 years yet! I had it dry cleaned a few months ago and put in a box to keep it safe and make it easier to move. I don't think I would sell it. In the end it was very reasonably priced and I LOVE it! It was the perfect dress for me. A little bit different, a bit vintage and FUN! So many people have said to me when they saw our photos or saw the dress was. Lauren that dress its so you! Which makes me smile!
If we ever have daughters they may not be interested. or it will be out of fashion, but that's OK, it was perfect for me and if we were to go back in time and be organising things again I would choose this dress again! Go and have a look at Shasher's blog and join in! It's nice to think back on your wedding day!


  1. It really is YOU! So beautiful and quirky and... you!

  2. oh it was so fun to write about it! thanks for finding the tour so i could find it too! :)

  3. Lovely dress Lauren, very pretty and just perfect!

    Thank you for the Aprons and the lovely card - they arrived first thing this morning!! Will be blogging about them later. I'm surprised yours hasn't arrived yet as it was posted in 17th May!

  4. Oh wow, I think that was the perfect dress for you! I loved the detail down the back!

    Thanks for participating!!! Thanks Rachel for telling you about it! :-) <3

    Join the Wedding Dress Blog Tour!

  5. Stopping by via the wedding dress blog tour.
    I love your dress because it's so different than the typical. It's been really neat visiting all the blogs and reading all the different stories and how there are so many different tastes in dresses.

  6. Love it, love it, love it! It is so pretty and retro. One of my friends had a beautiful retro style dress. I love it!


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