Sunday, May 23, 2010

these are a few of my favourite things...

I like sharing my 5 faves...but today there were more then 5...SOOOO here are a few of my favourite things right now...these are random and I came up with it in about 5 minutes! 
Wrapping presents...but then what's even better is wrapping them up with pretty sticky tape...I have been doing it a bit lately...what with mothers day, little Belle's birthday, Anna and Dad's birthday too! It's always a bit fun to use some pretty sticky tape!
 Seeing Tim's face light up when I bring out some chocolate...that I have hidden and he doesn't know about lasts longer if he doesn't know where it is! :)
Spontaneous Etsy for me and one for...someone else!
Having a bit of time yesterday to stab my new pincushion!

Watching House with Tim on Sunday know when you chain watch a television series...and the episode finishes and you look at each other and more?

Finding perfect gifts for up coming birthdays...for special people

making lists = uncluttered head for me!

what are some of your favourite things at the moment??


  1. You know that mum hides food from Dad too. Ha Ha

  2. I just love your list so much and actually laughed and nodded when I read the bit about the just one more episode. We're watching Entourage like that right now. Have you seen it? Definitely one of my favourite things at the moment. Have a great week.

  3. Lists are my best friend. I'm actually starting to put a list together for Christmas. Nothing better than having the time to purchase gifts that you've had time to really think about. Chocolate of any kind (well except for dark and white) would be in my top 5 also.

  4. Kate I haven't seen entourage but I always see it at the DVD store..or JB and think I want to see what it is like!


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