Monday, May 17, 2010

my place or yours?...YELLOW!!!

I'm getting into the swing of things with my place or yours again! I've missed the past couple of weeks but I'm back in the game! This weeks theme is YELLOW!!! oh I had fun randomly walking around the house looking for some yellow things...

my pencil bucket tucked away on my desk! AND the little Tupperware bowl housing badges galore!
this cute little's a puppet and when you move it's beak it quacks the tune of Old Macdonald had a farm!It is very fun!..and oh i have spotted the little yellow monkey in the background!
some nice yellow fabric!
and these washing up gloves purchased only yesterday...because they were on a really good special! I looked at them but it was Tim who suggested we should get them! I love that he knows I would love dish washing gloves with coloured spots on them...:)
to play along or to invite yourself over to someone else's place head on over to HelloOwl!


  1. Ah, I'm getting some more ideas now... Wendy xx

  2. Your pics are lovely ... I've got a new found love for yellow from this task ;) Hope you have a great week ;)

  3. lotsa lovely yellowness in your household!
    i'm lovin your yellow pencils bucket!
    As for your rubber gloves, how gorgeous are they make washing up a whole lotta fun :)

  4. Too cute we have the exact same puppet!Now I am off to find him as I can't remember where it has been put :)

  5. Oh I love yellow - All my cars used to be bright sunshiny yellow. Even my hire car in NZ was!

    Very cheerful colour.

    Oh and your Apron is winging its way to you! :-)

  6. Love the duck - we have one at our house too. Can have the tendency to drive me mad though and the kids capatalise on that!

  7. Love the gloves! It makes a task I detest slightly more appealing if you are able to look good doing it!


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