Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The one about my dad...and bowling

It's my dad's boofday today! he's 55...he was born the 25-5-55 and he's 55 today! That's a lot of 5's!
We went bowling on Sunday night as an early birthday celebration...it was VERY fun! lot's of laughing and gutter balls! Apparently there is a policy at this bowling place that only children 10 years and under are allowed to use the bumpers...but that is beside the point!
Anyway I failed to get a photo of Dad bowling...but he won both of the games overall and then messaged us all the next day to say he had a finger injury from bowling...occupational hazard! Dad is good at bowling, listening, offering is help and asking my opinion about things that matter.(and Tim thinks I get my little competitive streak from him!)  He's a good man. We love you lots Dad! We hope you have a wonderful birthday!


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  2. What fun, looks like you all enjoyed yourselves! :-)


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