Saturday, May 15, 2010

Penny's Birthday Bus Tour

It was a wonderful day to get on a bus and head to the Adelaide hills, taste wine and celebrate Penny's 26th birthday! She did an amazing job organising it! We visited 4 wineries ate lunch at one... 
had treats at chocolate No.5 (that is Penny there smiling!)
playing pass the parsel on the bus! THAT was very cool! we also had a photo bingo challenge...
one of my photos was to get circles and shadows...not in the one photo BUT I did! :)
another one was get a photo of someone who's name began with S...this lady at Nepethe winery...her name was Sandra!
AND while we were in Hahndorf...and after hot chocolates I spoilt myself and bought this cute brooch...I bought one a few weeks ago for a friend, for her birthday...I liked it so much I thought I would get my own!
AND these mittens/gloves arm warmers! I saw them a couple of weeks ago too...but bit the bullet today and got em! I had been saving my birthday and pocket money! The lady at Storison is so lovely! I wish I could visit there every week!
Happy Birthday Penny thank you for organising such an awesome birthday bus tour!


  1. Oh WOW looks like a fun time. I bought same brooch, in red and a pair of Armies at Finders Keepers a couple of weeks ago - great minds ;)

  2. Love the write up Lauren!
    So pleased you had a great time and thanks for showing me Storisons. XOX


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