Monday, May 24, 2010

the one about the little dog

Our little Dog Buster turns 11 today! I remember the day I met was a few weeks after the 24th May, closer to Jek's birthday because he was her present in 1999. I came home from being in Brisbane all day on a drama excursion and I could hear this little whimpering and yapping...and so I went down to the laundry and there he was...little buster dorgie! You have been a faithful little fury friend...sometimes feisty but always ready to say hello at the door and roll over for a belly rub!
photo taken by my sister


  1. whenever i think of buster, i think of the day he was trotting around the garden like sir didymus from labyrinth!

  2. ahh little buster! yes..were youever there when he was trotting around with the palm leave in his mouth he had to put his head so high so he could actually get anywhere with the huge palm frong in his mouth

  3. don't recall that... but can imagine it! HILARIOUS!!!


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