Saturday, January 09, 2010

catch up and stuff...

So Anna, Rachel and I were embarking on the 365 project. Just before the new year struck, Jek and Rebecca also decided to join us! so here is a catch up of the last few days of 365!
This is technically photo minus 1...taken for the 31st December, Anna and I made these DELICIOUS brownies with a Donna Hay brownie mix...they looked so good on the table so had to take this snap!(They also taste Phenomenal!)
Photo 2: Our beautiful holiday house at Kawana! Pool, Spa, Kabanna shed...air con, data projector to watch movies on the big screen! TOTALLY FUN!
Photo 3: Cute shoes for the cutest feet!
Photo 4: Noddy...the little man in the red and yellow car. Rebecca pointed this out at the shops!
Photo 5: reading my book with Belle!
Photo 6: One of my favourite things to do when I am back in Queensland...go to sizzler and eat HEAPS of cheese bread

I'll catch you up on Photo 1...and the rest hopefully tonight or tomorrow. We got back From QLD late last night to a sign on our apartment door saying the water would be off from 7.30am...we had a lot of washing to do and usually we'd leave it but we are off on a road trip tomorrow, and we have a wedding this afternoon, so it's been a bit hectic shopping for the trip, washing the clothes before we went to bed, re packing, BLOGGING! :) and of course actually getting some sleep! Thankfully the water is back on we can shower and go to the wedding soon!Love to all who are reading this and I hope you enjoy the photos over the coming year!


  1. great photos Lauren!

    email me because I need to email you about 'Our Daily Click' ! x


    love Sez

    ps todays word is opologyr


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