Wednesday, January 20, 2010

getting a dose of Vitamin D

Today has been a wonderful day. Last night I said to Tim we are getting out of the house tomorrow. No more computer games for a bit and we'll go and enjoy each others company! The day started with a nice chat with my sister in law and then we decided we would drive up to Hahndorf in the hills and have a walk and visit a pretty shop! When we arrived there were lots of cars, people and bikes...the tour down under was in Hahndorf for the day so it was very busy on the streets!
I visited Storison and found out it is actually changing hands at the moment. I met the new owner and she was a nice lady, I hope we can visit there again soon...perhaps just after pay day and not just before! :)
I resisted from buying evrything and settled on this pretty stationary...Poppies for Grace
We then went to the fruit market just outside of Hahndorf and I saw this!
I have never seen yellow watermelon before! How fun I wonder what it tastes like. I guess I will have to wait til next time. We then travelled down the hill and enjoyed some lunch and visited this book store.
And since being home I have had a little afternoon nap and taken the Christmas tree down To make room for the Australia Day Bunting!

I hope you got to enjoy some Vitamin D today and have had a Wonderful Wednesday!

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