Saturday, January 16, 2010

catch up number 2!

Hooray we are back at home after a wonderful, yet tiring week in Melbourne with 10 other people (predominately teenagers!) Here is an update for 365 of photos before our trip and tomorrow I think will be this weeks photos! Eventually I will be near a computer every day and be able to load the photos each day! And not have to do ridiculas long catch up posts! This first photo is photo 1...a good start to the new year my first hot chocolate!
Photo 7 breakfast at pipi's on the sunshine coast... we had to wait a while so I was thankful when it came!

Photo 8: The Spilsbury clan at the end of our awesome holiday!
Photo 8...Mr and Mrs Minge....Euge and Nix on their wedding day, which got to 43 degrees!!! AHHH and the boys had their suit jackets on the whole service!wow! it was an awesome service and a great party afterwards...a very worthy 365 contribution! Here are the happy couple

Photo 10...Horshem Lutheran Church. I was VERY happy to arrive here on Sunday evening after a stinking hot day in a bus with 12 people...with VERY average air con! but we made it and their hall had airconditioning!
Stay tuned tomorrow for more catch up and tales of melbourne! xx

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