Sunday, January 31, 2010

new project

So I was getting all into cleaning out my cupboard. A flash of urgency came across me "Lauren clean out your cupboard get rid of clothes you never wear". I did pretty well until I got to my band shirts. Some are still in high rotation in my wardrobe, some have been hanging on the same hanger for quite some time. Sometimes because they are pretty worn, sometimes cause they are a little...tight! BUT for the life of me I just could not bring myself to get rid of them, call me sentimental but these shirts have great memories attached to them. See Thursdays post for example! :) Particularly the top one in this picture! It was my first Livid and I have a distinct memory of sitting around the dinner table at home and my then...9 or 10 year old sister asked me what the bin on my shirt was for, she quickly answered her own question by it to put satan in! priceless!So I was lamenting this fact to another sister and she said why don't you make a band shirt blanket!! HUZAAHHHH what a wicked idea! That way I still get to keep the shirts but make them into something a little more functional for my needs now days! And it means I get a few hangers spare in my wardrobe! So here are 10 I took out that I don't wear very often...and let me tell you there are still at least 10 still in the wardrobe being warn! So with Jek's help hopefully over the next few weeks we'll be creating a great blanket! Very excited to see the results!


  1. great idea!! Cant wait to see it!

    love Sez

    todays word - snessa!

  2. oh that is the most brilliant idea. i have the exact same problam. a few draws full at my house and then some at my parents. brilliant!


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