Sunday, January 17, 2010

catch up No. 3!

Almost to the end of catching up on 365 photos...and soon they wont appear here every day but over at the clever Rachel has set up a new blog for us (Anna, Rach and me) to put our photos up! so that is pretty fun!
Photo 11...THE BIG KOALA. This had to be the photo of the day because of Yannie's reaction when she saw it from the bus! It was classic!Here we are being tourists and taking a photo in front of it. It adds to the big things I have seen....the big Banana, big pineapple, the big Guitar, the big Rockinghorse...what big things have you seen around Australia!?

Photo 12 I am having some trouble with loading it...stay tuned!

Photo when photo 12 appears it will be a lot like photo 13...I can't help it there are so many great CHOCOLATE cafes in Melbourne! Here Tali and I shared a fondue for two...marshmallows, strawberries, banana, banana bread...which was the best in the dark hot chocolate!
Photo 14...I want to see these guys when they come to Australia in a couple of months...and I probably will because they are actually coming to Adelaide!

We travelled the great ocean road and there were ALOT of photos to chose from for day 15...when we arrived to Portland there was a carnival in town and we seriously had the BEST raspberry jam filled donuts ever! I think I will be dreaming about them for a while! so there's 3 photos for day 15!
Photo 16...there is no place like home and no bed like your own, when you have been away for a few weeks or even a few days it's always good to sleep in your own bad again!


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