Saturday, March 31, 2012

for unexpected crochet

 Tim is in the final weeks of his 9 month placement for his study. He's enjoyed it for the most part and has gotten on like a house on fire with his supervisor also know as his vicar father. He's had to do quite a few visits and seeing the church he's doing his placement at is connected to a retirement village they have been mostly to elderly people. The community is lovely and have welcomed us with open arms. 
A couple of weeks ago Tim went and visited a couple and the lady was crocheting a blanket when he was there. He told Margaret (said lady) that I was learning and really liked it. She was pretty pleased to hear a "young person" liked to crochet :) Anyway the next week at church she came up to me and said I've been working on this blanket and I'm almost finished would you like it? AHHH YES!!! :) So we picked it up and it is beautiful! She has done such a wonderful job, it's beautiful and thick and I can not wait to snuggle on the couch with it over my legs! (which apparently won't be for a while since Adelaide is having a bit of a surge in warmer weather!)
So I'm great for Margaret this week, her amazing crochet skills and her generosity to me!
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  1. what a gorgeous gift!!
    I keep telling people I'm going to learn to crochet...must do it SOON!


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