Friday, March 16, 2012

27 @ 27 wrap up...

When I turned 27 I wrote a list of 27 things to achieve/do/get done while I was 27...well the deadline came and went yesterday....SO this is how I went!
I knitted something very cute other than a scarf
I went for a beautiful walk at Morialta with Tim
I wrote 10 letters
I made at least 1 long distance phone call a month
I played the drums...for about 5 minutes at school and I only have a couple of  staff members to back me photo evidence! I wouldn't make that up...I had fun, I miss playing, I'll be doing it again!
! read Anne Frank's diary and The Narnia Chronicles
I wore skirts and dresses more often as part of Froktober
check out the pretty frocks here, here, here and here
I sewed something
I was involved in a couple of craft swaps

and I surprised someone...

I didn't get around to getting a new tattoo, going on a picnic somewhere I have never picnicked before, expanding and diversifying my etsy shop, seeing  a foreign film, buy herbs and grow them...and buying home made second hand...I did but I probably needed to be a bit more specific...not bad I say not bad!
I'm making a little book to document the fun...but that is going to be a while before I finish that...I'm also concocting a new birthday challenge for 28...

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  1. You did well! Love seeing all the fancy & fun things you've made and done:)


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