Monday, March 05, 2012


I headed to Soundwave on the weekend....and this is where I take a slight ever seen the lethal weapon movies? The ones with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, there is a great saying that they're too old for this shit...but in the end they are willing themselves that they ARE NOT to old for this shit. Well on Saturday morning I was finding it hard to get enthused about standing up all day around drunk negative hey! ha ANYWAY I got into the groove and got to see some of my all time favourite bands, some from high school days and even check out some new bands too.
 After...I don't know how long, I crossed Reliant K off my bucket list. I have enjoyed these guys music for...over 10 years now and FINALLY got to see them and meet them! It was special!
 Always fun to see Dashboard and sing along with all the songs that got me through uni!
 I asked the reliant K guys when they are going to be doing some of their own headlining shows in Australia...I hope soon!
our crew soundwave 2012...Dave, Anysley, Bec, Jek and me...after the rain came down!
I got to enjoy some old stuff too...Strung out, Bad Religion (those guys still know how to rock hard after all this time!), BUSH! (who even knew they were still touring and making music!). And once I had seen who I wanted to see I went home. I still got it...I'm NOT TO OLD for this shit! :)

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