Sunday, March 25, 2012

grateful for friday night fun

I've been working with teenagers my whole working career...and then some...and then I was a teenager. I think working with teenagers and the amount of grey hairs I have is directly correlated...
But I digress...slightly.
In my former job I used to work Friday nights. For 6 years I ran around playing dodgeball, having discussions, eating ice cream and generally having a lot of fun while teaching some great young people. I finished up that job at the end of last year and went to a 8.30- 4 Monday to Friday job
I've getting used to it!
The thing I got used to most quickly was having Friday nights off!
On Friday night Mum and two of my sisters went to the bowerbird market...a really lovely market that happens each year...for the last 2 or 3 in Adelaide.
We had a great time, we ate delicious brownies and gourmet sausage rolls from this place.
I bought a funny tea towel from this girl...Bec bought...a lot of cute things!
It was lovely to go and spend some time with with them and also spend some pocket money!
So I'm grateful for friday night fun...head over here for more grateful goodness!


  1. A cute night out with your dearest, Loz. Having a lot of fun is the best way to spend a Friday night! x


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