Monday, April 02, 2012

mini book take 3

I'm hitting my stride with this project to get it finished. I did notice but this second had a lot of buff coloured pages...broken up with a couple of postcards...that had lots of neutral colours!
But then BAM! beautful orange!
I'm looking forward to finishing this up to get onto my 28 projects...maybe this is technically my first? :)


  1. I love the look of your art book and I love the unexpected splash of orange in the sea of neutral pages - well done!

    I'm cheering you in your quest to complete the 28 projects! I may adopt this idea when I turn 50 in a few years ;)

  2. I love journals like this.They are so good to look back on, much more interesting than just a diary. xx

  3. thanks for the reminder to WRITE in my minibooks.
    yours looks perfectly worded!

  4. These pages are so lovely! I love to see inside people's journals, no two pages are ever the same!

    x Aliya

  5. Thanks Ladies! I am slowly getting there and hopefully it'll be done soon!


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