Saturday, March 17, 2012

27 @ 27 mini book

 In terms of documenting this list I started off semi strong...doing little bits and pieces as I completed goals and tasks
 I had a lot of fun...but then I lost steam and as you know life gets busy and I get distracted...and the fact we don't have a colour printer didn't help! I know I know I'm making excuses!
 But every couple of months I'd get it out and do a bit more
 Now that I am 28...the year is done and I still have a fair bit to do in this little book for it to be fully finished. But it is enjoyable and I been over to my sister in laws to do some printing! :) Hopefully over the next couple of weeks you'll see the finished product!


  1. It looks really special, Loz. It's such a great idea. Aside from my blog, I am hopeless at documenting. I wish I would do better. x

  2. You are so talented at that! I loved when I was a kid and you made me stuff like that for the mail box :)


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