Monday, March 26, 2012

a very special birthday for a very special lady

You know there are some people that you will know all your life. If you don't see each other for a long time it doesn't matter so much because you pick up from where you left off. Moppy is one of those friends.
She is 12 years older than me. She has been like a big sister to me. I have been able to talk to her about anything
She used to look after me after church when I was a little Lauren.
The photo above is taken the day of her confirmation in about 1986
We went and saw the Lion King in the cinema the first time it was released
Moppy has the most infectious laugh and the craziest curls!
She's a good woman and today is her 40th birthday!
Happy birthday to a beautiful, kind, generous, brilliant, talented, funny, BUSY, honest and wonderful person. I am so blessed to have known you my entire life. You really are a ball of energy and happiness and it really is so good to know you! Wish we could be there today to wish you many happy returns, share some cake...and help you celebrate this weekend! We hope you have a splendid time!
We tip our hats to you and wish you a very happy day!


  1. Happy birthday to your (obviously much adored!) friend. x

  2. Lauren,you are truly special to me too-one of the few who has made me choke up reading a birthday message. Thankyou for your birthday message.I will send you all the weekend dvd! Love your guts too! xxoo


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