Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a week of black and white

Back in October with blogtoberfest I came across a blog and have continued to enjoy reading it since. So I decided...after finishing 365 I would have a break...but I enjoy taking photos and sort of missed taking so many so thought I would join in Christina's photo project...a week of black and white! :)
...I love black and white photos...
Tim's camera is fancy and new and has a black and white option...I couldn't find it until he showed me last night but here are a couple of "almost" black and white photos (the camera also has a cool option to focus on one colour, so the rest will be black and white but that colour will remain! It's quite fun!)
Lovely Sez with her peacock 
and I got to West End before I realised the weather was going to be so bad to this lovely shop. (finally last year when we were hear it was closed for the Christmas break!)
If you'd like to check out the other black and white photos head along to a little bird told can join in too! :)

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  1. Hi Thanks for visiting. Wow that ink is amazing and love the Nook pic. Fingers crossed for all those in the floods. It's just terrible....


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