Sunday, January 09, 2011


day 265 
 Well I (WE!!) finished on December 31st but have only just finished loading my photos on Our Daily Click! Rachel, Anna, Jek, and Bec and I all started on January 1st 2010. The challenge was to take a photo every day for a year! I had fun with this project. Some days were challenging to find something to photograph, some days there were so many photos to choose from, some of my photos sucked, some I was really happy with. 

It was an exciting year! Anna had twins...on the very last day of the year, Rachel opened an etsy did Anna and I come to think of it! :) Jek passed her uni subjects and Bec continued to cook up a storm in the kitchen! (Along with so many other things for each of us!)

Now that it is finished I feel accomplished for sticking with a project all year long! I possibly could have waited til I had collated the photos together off line to share this but it feels like something to celebrate! I printed the photos off as I went and I have been trying to decided now how I will put them together in an album...I bought a few different books and kept changing my mind...BUT I think I have settled on something now! And once it is done will share! :)

A couple of people have asked if I will continue on again in 2011 but it is the 9th and I have almost taken zero photos! (although I did get a cool one of my mum in law feeding a kookaburra yesterday!). I am going to take a break from this project for now, BUT I can definitely see myself doing it again. It's a fun way to document a year creatively!

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  1. congratulations, it looks like a wonderful project and some pictures are indeed very beautiful and arty! Thank you for visiting and following creJJtion. Happy Sunday, love Maaike


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