Friday, January 28, 2011

little shoppe

Last year I bit the bullet and decided to put my badges and magnets out there into the world...instead of just keeping hundreds of badges for myself...I opened an etsy store! :) I made a few sales, even got a custom order late last year due to a friends sister getting married! I love to crunch the badges and I love that people like them! Last week I was reading this post about branding and packaging of your products. I couldn't agree more. When I have bought something from etsy it has always been presented really nicely, it's like opening a little present...sometimes they are gifts and so you don't need to re wrap them sometimes they are treats for me! Penny made some really helpful points that I think I can put into place to improve my little shop. It's just some fun on the side from my full time job, and I'm not about to be able to live off my creations...just yet. But for now I am happy to share the badge and magnet love!

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