Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things I was told, things I knew, things I'd wished I'd listened too

I didn't mean to make a rhyme! Here are some things I have thought about since travelling overseas, tips I heard and things I learnt along the way.

Glad Bags...Take some spares. I put a lot of my toilettries into seperate bags so if they burst they only went in the bag. But there were times through the trip where I could have done with a few extras. I bought some biscuits, and didn't eat them all at once! :) and could have done with a glad bag to keep them fresh, might sound anal but heck who wants a soggy chocolate chip cookie! Not I!

Moisturiser suitable for the weather- this may sound like a no brainer. But my skin reacts differently in the winter. In summer it is rather oily in winter REALLY dry. But I took the moisturiser that I use in the summer and so my skin was getting even more dry! Lucky for me there are Body Shops all over Europe!
Up load movies onto your computer- During winter, going out at night isn't always viable...well it may be if you are 19 but it's nice to be in the warm after a long day of toursiting about. If there is a TV where you are staying, don't count on there being a variety of English channels! Other then news there isn't much else, it's always good to keep up with world affairs but sometimes you would like to watch a movie or something. So if you are taking a laptop upload a couple of your favourite movies for chill nights. It's nice to be able to understand the movie if you have been away for a while. Translating is hard work! (well for me any way! My brain works slower in German!)

power board- This can get bulky but it saves you from having multi international plugs for your appliances (chargers for phones, cameras etc)- you only need one to plug in at the wall and then your chargers etc plug into the power board
borrow international plug ins- I looked into buying these and they can be quite expensive. So I asked around to see who had been away and still had some plugs. It means you save a few dollars to spend on the trip, AND the plugs that are just sitting in your friends cupboard get to be used again!
take a magazine- I WISH I HAD!! If you're not taking a lap top this can be another great alternative for night time chill out, that's in the language you know.

take something that comforts you (favourite mix drink eg milo, biscuits whatever) just a small glad bag full! Most things like coffee and tea you can get in different places. But things like milo or hot chocolate mix aren't as readily available. You may get a craving or need some comfort from home.

Some other random things! I took too many clothes. When I was packing I put all my clothes out and then took some away...I could have done with less even!! (and then had more room for presents!) If I packed again I would leave my towel at home. All the places we stayed at provided them. But you may want to check this before you go because then you could be in a pickle. An alternative is buying one there and then donating to the op shop! I re read something while I was away, put out what you will need then halve it...I almost agree with this!

If you go to a place in winter you want your feet to keep warm and dry! Doc martins are an excellent choice in shoe! My shoes were warm and only got wet once.

And take small bottles of the glad bags in case explode! :)
Have you ever traveled before? Have any ideas to add or things that worked well for you?


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