Wednesday, July 21, 2010

we have ourselves a winner...and an apology!

we have ourselves a winner...Woolf!!
and an apology...the last 48 hours got stolen by the time fairy! THANK YOU to everyone who entered! And perhaps wanted to enter but missed the time, I might do another one again at the 300 posts like originally planned!
thanks to my lovely assistant Sarah for her help in drawing the winner! :)


  1. Congrats to woolf and whilst I may have missed your giveaway, I'm a regular reader and think your blog is great. I've been wanting to make fridge magnets but not sure where I go to buy the equipment. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  2. well hell! i'll say. you have made my day, oh my.... i knew our national holiday was gonna stand for more than just tradition...
    sweet lauren, i'll show you in time where those beauties will end up... unfortunately i am in the middel of renovating a house and they will have to stay put (and in mind) for a few months...
    i send you my address on your proper e-mail adress.
    cheers! so chill to see my name having been drawn from you hat.

  3. hooray to WOOLF the WINNER! i look forward to the next giveaway =-)

  4. Oh how much fun! i love the photos of Sarah too! Great idea and so sorry that I didn't win but i have plenty of your beautiful badges already...I just love them. As a mum who finds it VERY hard to look nice these of your badges often at least makes me smile and feel a teensie bit glamourous xoxox Congrats to WOOLF! Lucky!


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