Wednesday, July 07, 2010

the courtesy wave isn't dead

On the way home from work I saw something that made me smile. You know if you let someone in while in traffic, lately I've noticed people almost think it's their right for you to do so...and there is no wave of thanks, sometimes they sneak in and then try not to make eye contact cause they have actually cut you off! Perhaps I am asking too much. BUT on the way home tonight I saw someone go to extra lengths with their courtesy wave...they waved through their sun roof, hand up out up towards the sky and a big wave of thanks! Loved it!


  1. You know, if there were more hand waves, they'd be less wars! Go the hand wave I say and peace to all.

  2. The courtesy wave is alive and well here in Tassie...I do it every time and so do many others. Always shocked when I go interstate and overseas that no one else does it!

  3. I've been known to blow kisses to drivers who give me room for a turn - it usually makes their day ;)

    BTW: i received your lovely postcards! you can see them on my blog today:

    thank you so much for them - they are wonderful =-)


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