Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i'm different...and that's ok!

What happens when you get a year 10 student doing a personal project and wants to celebrate the differences we all have?
The day of difference!
Today at school we had a chapel service and watched a video that Mr S made for his project and talked about how God has made us all different with different gifts. That often we are intimidated by people who are different to us...or we feel out of place when we are different to the group. What if we could change that? embrace the differences and celebrate them.
At lunch time we had a BBQ and these bracelets were on sale...they were all different!
The best thing was that the students TOTALLY got behind it and were really supportive of Mr S! It is days like today that I think I have the BEST job in the world!
I am different...and that's OK

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  1. LOVE it - what a great post - Thanks Lozza!! Love you



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