Sunday, July 18, 2010

away we go

I watched this movie yesterday afternoon and I loved it! It's about a couple who find out they are expecting a baby and then them finding a place to raise their family! There are marriage proposals, cross country travel (Phoenix, Tucson, Maddison, Montreal and Miami), some FANTASTIC quotes, and a lot of tender moments. There are some heart breaking moments too when Bert and Verona's friends struggle with marriage and children.
This is how Margrat summed it up on the movie show on the abc
...A young couple – Burt – JOHN KRASINSKI – and Verona – MAYA RUDOLPH – are determinedly unmarried despite Verona’s advanced pregnancy. They’re dismayed to find Burt’s parents, played by – have decided to move to Belgium for a couple of years. And so they go on an odyssey, visiting old friends and acquaintances to find a place to establish family connections...and that's where I'll leave it cause I don't want to tell you everything about it...only that the character Maggie Gyllenhaal plays is a crazy cracker!
Next time you're at the video store get it out it's well worth it!


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