Sunday, July 04, 2010

one year

I married this handsome man!
I remember snippets of the was a good one...but it went so fast! We had lots of friends and family there, many travelling a long way to be there!
It has been an interesting year! We have had to adapt to many changes (lifestyle changes, job/study changes etc etc), It hasn't been without it's struggles and challenges...but boy it's been a lot of fun too!
It has gone entirely too quickly, it seems impossible that this year has gone by, But I am thankful to be blessed with a husband who loves me (on good, bad and ugly days!), one who listens to me in different situations (ranting, happy, sad....good, bad ugly!), who will fight with me, who will tell me I'm wrong (even though I don't always like that!)..AND WHEN I am RIGHT!!!, someone who sticks up for me and someone to laugh with!

I love you Timothy...Happy Anniversary my beloved! xx


  1. Gorgeous photos and your wedding dress is divine. Love the lace work.

  2. thats so beautiful Lozza, brought tears to my eyes!! Congratulations and may God bless you with many many many more years full of all those things you mentioned!! Love you


  3. bah ha ha I love how you said, he tells you when you are wrong...... I do miss that about my little brother!
    Glad that God brought the two of you together.

  4. Congratulations on ONE YEAR! I love, love, love the silhouette photo. Stunning.


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