Sunday, July 18, 2010

Flea Market finds

I love playing along with flea market finds, sharing what I have found and seeing what others have been lucky enough to find too! It's fun!
This week I was in Hahndorf with my sisters and we popped into a little op shop I have wandered past many time...but I have always been with Mr T...and he's averted my attention when we have walked past! This pattern was sister picked up a couple that were marked $1 for 20 c each!
This little bag I actually picked up last week when I hit the mother load! It is a perfect size for wallet, keys, phone, camera (a small digital) tissues...and can fit a book in too...I tried this on Friday! :) there are a few zips and lots of little pockets and an extendable strap. It's wonderful...and for $4 so good!
To check out more delicious finds head over to Sophie's!

ps...tomorrow is the day my giveaway is drawn go and enter! 


  1. Excellent finds ;) 20c for patterns is steal and adore that bag - have a wonderful week ;)

  2. That mother load just keeps on giving and giving! Great finds.

  3. Well done, fantastic finds!

  4. I love op shop patterns! And that does like like a useful bag... great finds!

  5. What great finds! Vintage patterns are gorgeous...even just for the lovely piccies on the front. Hope you're having a lovely start to the week :)

  6. How great that you get to go op-shopping with your sisters - the family that thrifts together, stays together! Love old patterns - will you make them up or use them another way?


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