Monday, December 14, 2009

my place or yours?...just five minutes peace

This week's my place or yours is fun...and easy! Our apartment is...on the small side...tiny even, but this is where I get five minutes peace on this beautiful comfy couch! It's been mentioned before in "my place or yours!" when I get home from a tiring day of work I can even blob and watch some deal or no deal...but only the last few minutes cause any more of Andrew O'Keefe and I feel like topping myself. Or I can lay on my back and close my eyes for a few moments without one of my shoulders falling off the side...and it is long enough for my feet not to touch the end! There is also great light there because it is next to a window for Christmas card writing, knitting, badge making...well I do that on the floor in front of the couch!
Thank you to Pilgrim for the fun theme this week...check her out. at.. and to see more people playing along check out


  1. Magnum! How we love you. The colour of yours is great. I totally agree that these couches make for awesome collapsing time. Hope you get more of it for the next few weeks than you do during term time. x

  2. ooh corduroy couches are brilliant! i have a cord armchair thats quite close to heaven. thanks for playing along with my theme this week :)

  3. Sounds like the perfect couch. I have to fight for a spot on ours.

  4. OOO looks sooo comfy just like a big soft pillow I could so see myself curled up there, I just love couches! Hey my word verification for this comment is 'FUNKLY' I like the sound of it sort of like a cross between frankly and funky, frankly I think your sofas funky, ok bit random...


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