Monday, December 21, 2009

my place or yours? the ME wardrobe

This weeks my place or yours theme is the ME wardrobe..or what is your favourite item of clothing at present?
This cardy would have to be my fave thing in my wardrobe at the moment. I got it from an op shop probably over a year ago now for $2...everything at that OP shop is $2 except for winter's awesome. This cardy is good when it is a little chilly and you need more then a t-shirt on. But if I put a long sleeved top on underneath it is quite warm in winter too!
Unfortunately because I've worn it many is developing a few holes! that are quite noticeable...some people have commented...BUT it is so comfy and it goes with everything! Thanks to Sandra at for this weeks theme!


  1. It'll be hard letting go of your cardy. Maybe you better start looking for another one now?

  2. Thanks Lozalicious! I like your cardy too. I hate it when they start doing that under the arms!!!!


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