Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas frivolity

Today we had a Christmas craft and cooking morning at work! I put a notice in our weekly bulletin at church and said bring some ingredients and we'll have some fun! Last year we made honey biscuits and ended up with about 200 between 4 people! It was LOTS of laughs! o we stuck to the same recipe and made some apple and walnut scones too. I was kicking myself because I forgot to take my camera but here are some of the finished product.

We had a small group there, and it was fun! A mum from our church bought her three children along and the older two were awesome helpers with needing and cutting the biscuits out! Jacob made a Christmas sausage out of the mix...which reminded me of Mr Hankie! from south park...I stopped my self from saying that because I knew there would be a lot of questions to follow, they had to leave before the icing process so I told him I would bring some photos to show on Sunday!Miss Y, T and S did an awesome job icing I think!
Ah Bliss. Frankie has arrived just in time for the weekend! I wondered whether she would arrive or not but just before i went to work i heard the posty and there she was sitting pretty!
Happy weekend everyone! xx

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