Wednesday, November 08, 2006

sick and tired of being sick and tired

it's not my year. i think i have had a cough at least 3 the last 3 and a bit's just getting a little ridiculas. i'm over not being able to breath or go to sleep easily because of the cough...i found a ventilin i had been perscribed for a cough i got last year and i thought i'd self perscribe it this time...the thing is it's best before september of this year...i got the shakes after using it the other night.

mum said i should probably slow down i think she is right...

house is sorted went and spoke to some people today and i will be moving into flat 7 in the very near furture with nikki. they (at the sem) were very happy to hear that we had figured it out...

at mum and dad's tonight it's good i think mcleod's daughters is on...i think i might go watch it with bek and courty.


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  1. Get better soon! You can't be sick for all of the end of year parties!

    Glad you and Niki are going to be occupying number 7 - Great! I'm sure you're very relieved to have that sorted. Good bye number 5. I'll have to come and farewell it properly this time - the next people might not want me to visit!


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