Friday, November 03, 2006

The course of events

This morning I had a really bad dream. It was concerning the events that are to take place in January and February. The Big Day Out. These events may not be as devastating to you are they were to me but it was bad at the time.

it started with the Big Day Out (BDO). I can't say whether it was the Adelaide or Gold Coast BDO because there were kids from school in it and so was jek (and she's in QLD). So I went to the show and had to leave for some reason...I have no idea why.

but then I found myself with a group of kids from school sneaking into a house. It was dark and then it was light and dark then light, so I was getting confused with the time and not really knowing what the time was I lost track of time.

all of a sudden I realise that crap if I don't hurry up I am going to miss TOOL...ok so I have waited the best part of say 10 years to see this band...Don't ask me why it's taken me this long to see them...Other events that are too traumatic to think about ...Maybe less traumatic then this event but I've started this story now so I have to finish it...

ANYWAY...I had to start making my way back to the place where the show was. And well that's when things were getting ugly. I was with this group of people and I was trying to catch the bus and so I went back to the mystery house...and then back to the bus stop...i am not sure why...and then I finally got a bus I had left my bag at the house. So I had to get off the bus and go back for the bag...trouble is I couldn't remember what the house was like because it had gone dark again.

after panicing and I mean going a little nuts I found someone and used their phone...I knew the person and she let me use it. BUT to send the message I had to print it out from her phone..that was connected to a mystery printer someonewhere. I was hoping to delete the message from her phone because the message was for my sister and well I had used some colourful language and I didn't want this girls mum reading the message I had written...I was still Lauren the youth worker in this dream.

so as soon as I clicked send my sister was at the door...teleported or something and we were on our way through a shopping centre. She of course bumped into people she knew who all wanted to speak to her, with which she replied "LOZ WILL kill me if we don't keep going" so we were running and running by this time it was 10.30 at night...but it was still light saving isn't that good...

I was startled out of the dream when my alarm went this morning...I don't know if I got to see tool or not...



  1. Dreaming of a particular event failing means the opposite will occur when it actually happens. You, Loz, will be front and centre for Tool at both BDO's. Maynard might even smile at you (yeah, Maynard smiling is going a bit far, huh?). Seriously, years ago I dreamt that I couldn't load film in my camera at a Fugazi gig I was going to (Fugazi let you bring still cameras, video cameras and sound recorders to their gigs) but when it came round to the show I shot four rolls of film! All will be well.

  2. PS - It certainly adds to the anticipation and nervous excitement though!


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