Sunday, November 19, 2006

hot stuff

so as i sit here typing this post i am sweating a bit as the weather gets warmer and the lack of a fan in the "bunka" (mum and dad's back room) doesn't really help!

i did the big move from unit 5 to unit 7 yesterday! i have lost my key card for the side of the building i want to get into...mmm not so good! it was cool to get everything done finally. there was a lot of cleaning to do but it looked spick and span after...spanks to dad! and to adrian, luke, niki, kara who have helped through out the week taking a box or two...kudos to you! i REALLY appriciated it!

schoolies starts this week and i am down there with a team of cool kids from Aldgate to give the schoolies donuts and pancakes it should be fun fun fun for the whole family...well the part of the family who are schoolies aged!

we have lots of visitors coming from perth and else where arriving during the week one being my rad arse ace sis jek CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

i've got nothing i am tired and will write something when i have more time!

kudos to all and to all a kudos!


  1. hey matey! How's the new place going? all settled in? You moxed out of the hot box just in gets cooking up there!

    Hope you're weel and I look forward to catching up at the confirmation!

  2. *moxed?! what is that?! moved!!


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