Monday, November 27, 2006

schoolies and toolies


so i'm so tired i think my eyes are going to drop out of my shoulder blades are hurting cause i am slouching so much...because i don't have the energy to hold myself up...

it was schoolies on the weekend and i went and volunteered. was a merch bitch for the bands playing on the stage! it was wicked on saturday night! finally saw sundance kids play and got talking with lachie from move to stike and will possibly have some more merch bitch roles in the future! yip yah!

bek and courty got confirmed yesterday and we had a big party...but because i had 3 hours sleep sunday morning...and drove back from victor i passed out as the kids jumped on me after lunch!....when i locate one of the digital cameras that took photos on sunday i'll load a couple!

jek arrived safely and it's ace to have her here

yesterday was swell also because we had old and new friends come together and celebrate bek and courty. i had some great conversations and i think i only got asked if i had a boy friend 3 times!

ok so this doesn't flow but bah i'm tired...i might go say hi to some kids now!


  1. My chocolate friend! I was randomly browsing around for Chocolate Bean things the other day and accidentally found you. Hello :)

    I hope you and your back are recovering from the weekend -- I had SO MUCH FUN at the French Festival. Yann Tiersen is the best; I'll burn you a CD if I can. I don't know if we're working together this week; I'm on Tuesday and Friday nights, and then I leave for NZ to go walking around a bit.

    So if I don't see you, have fun, and don't get up to too much mischief without me!

    Ciao bella,

  2. Hey Loz - nice blog. It's nice to hear about everyone's ventures without having to send emails all the time! I'm not sure about "Radelaide" but it made me smile. It's probably more believable than "Brisvegas!" I went to a Muslim comedy show in City Hall last week and the guys were from America. They paid us out about Brisvegas and asked where all the lights were. They also said that there was more of a chance for them to be responsible for 7/11 than 9/11.

    Until next time...



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