Sunday, November 05, 2006

4 minutes around about...

i got to speak to one of my very good mates this morning, we haven't spoken since the 10th august...i know this date because it's the date she left to go over seas! i got a call this morning around 9am adelaide time from the dresdan dolls gig in london when they were playing the jeep song! it was very exciting! about half an hour later i got another call and clare and i got to talk for about 4 minutes. it was great. before clare left and i lived here in adelaide and she in brisbane we talked once a week so it has been a strain not being able to talk with her for so long. not that we really said anything too profound in that 4 minutes it was nice to hear her voice and know that she had had a wicked time seeing the dresdan dolls...check them out if you haven't heard of them they are a two peice from boston. amanda on keys and vox and brian on drums... they are stella.

hopefully in the next week we can talk on the land line for more then 4 minutes

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