Monday, December 05, 2011

the past week or so...

I have...
walked a labyrinth...several times
organised a really cute children's address about sheep
talked to teenagers, one on one, in groups...and in front of the whole school
TRIED to go Christmas shopping
written some Christmas cards
seen an old friend
applied for many jobs
went to the doctor
tried to blog...
cooked many cookies and cupcakes for a bake sale
went to a baby shower
went to a job interview
went to Ronald McDonald house to watch some superstar year 9 drama students
celebrated with special ladies
was given a present...a couple in fact!
spoke on the phone
ate a lot of chocolate
ate a BBQ tea with some special ladies...again and their kids and vicar husbands
went to a swimming carnival
witnessed 7 men be ordained into public ministry
partied with their family and friends
didn't sleep in
succeeded in Christmas shopping
made some bunting
played games
started reading this book...but then had to return it to the library before I was finished
had some hot chocolate dates
celebrated brithdays
cooked a meal for a friend
sang Christmas carols
put the Christmas tree up
welcomed friends home who had been travelling
sang in a band
had hard conversations
booked flights for a summer holiday
....and slept, ate. farted etc etc...
it's been a crazy, full on week or so...

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