Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Christmas!

We had a fantastic day yesterday! We went to church then headed over to Mum and Dad's place for lunch...which turned into afternoon tea and then dinner too!
some seriously silly people... :)
   Nana really had the moves for Bocce! Bocce was a present for Jek from her secret santa...who was me! There were a lot of laughs!
 It was insane how many times Jek got ridiculously close to the jack! I think she's been practicing!
 see what I mean! FREAK!
 A very cute little brroch for me from my secret santa...who was Jek!
I was very spoilt! A subscription for Peppermint magazine, a beautiful cookbook...AND beautiful book that I have been eying off for ages from a very generous friend! And plenty of pocket money!
I have now officially finished at my job! The last couple of weeks were great and bitter sweet. The young people organised a surprise party for me Friday week ago which was fantastic! It also made me cry! I had a lovely send off at the Christmas Eve service, and was given a very generous gift from the congregation. So now I am officially on holidays for a whole MONTH! I am so very happy about that! Perhaps my blogging mojo will return!
AND today the sisters and brother in law are coming over to watch cricket (boys will be doing that) and board games!
Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday with your family and friends celebrating and relaxing and perhaps reflecting on the true joy and miracle of the day

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